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General Information

1. The closing date of applications for admission is 15 May 2024

2. Applicants to Xiamen Academy should be:

(1) law students; or

(2) teachers, lawyers or officials, etc. with at least a bachelor’s degree; and

(3) fluent in English.

3. The admission office of Xiamen Academy retains the right to require applicants to supply related documents or certificates to show their qualifications or competency.

       Admissions are granted on the basis of academic criteria. All applicants are required to fill out the registration form clearly and completely, with accurate and truthful information.

Application Documents Checklist:

Application Document Checklist (to be submitted via email – only electronic submissions will be accepted):

1.  A registration form(Registration Form for Xiamen Academy of International Law.docx)

2. Two letters of recommendation from two professors of international law(sent by the referee directly to the Academy via email)

(Letter of Recommendation.docx;

3. A curriculum vitae;

A certified copy of your examination certificates OR list of the courses that you have taken in international law (private and public), with the number of credits and your results, issued by your university (please send the scanned copy via email). If this is not possible please do so yourself and certify on your honor.

Other Information

1. Visa Application: attendees shall bear the costs for obtaining a China entry visa. Xiamen Academy may provide necessary assistance to facilitate the attendees’ visa application.

2. If applicants intend to apply for a scholarship, please make clear the type of scholarship you intend to apply in the application documents.

3. Attendees are responsible for their accommodation in Xiamen. If possible, Xiamen Academy will provide relevant information.

If there are any questions, applicants are free to contact the Academy via email.

Please note:  apply via EMAIL only. And all applicants should combine the required documents in the given order in one PDF document.  Do not send hard copies of the application or any other separated documents by e-mail; these will not be considered.