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Xiamen Academy of International Law (Xiamen Academy), located in the hauntingly beautiful city of Xiamen, China, was established after the first meeting of the Curatorium held in the Peace Palace, The Hague, in July 2005. It is an international institution aiming to provide highest level education to individuals who are particularly sensitive to the development and use of international law, such as young lecturers in international law, diplomats, practitioners of law, government officials in charge of foreign affairs, and officials in international organizations. The mission of the Academy is to promote academic exchanges among legal communities across the globe, encourage examination of major international issues, and by so doing seek ways to improve the possibilities for world peace and international cooperation.

The courses are given in English or French. The Program has been designed to be both practical and highly scholarly. Clearly differentiated from the education provided by national schools and universities, the courses are aimed at individuals who are already familiar with international law and whose professional interests and intellectual curiosity drive them to pursue successful professional development in this area.

Xiamen Academy has successfully held twelve summer programs ever since 2006. In these summer programs, Xiamen Academy had the honor to have invited many world-renowned professors, ICJ judges and experts to give excellent lectures on various topics of international law. Altogether, over 1200 participants from around 40 countries and regions have joined the six summer programs with enthusiasm and dedication, and have been well rewarded. Their experience of staying in Xiamen not only brought them cutting-edge knowledge of international law, but also provided them with happy memories in such an internationalized education and living background.

Xiamen Academy is now pleased to announce that the 2018 Summer Program will be given by highly qualified legal professionals from around the world from 9 to 27 July 2018. The topics of this year's Summer Program will touch upon the latest development of many important subjects of international law.