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What is the application procedure?

To complete the application, applicants must fill out the online registration form and send the printed form together with other documents to the Academy. Incomplete application will not be considered.

How can I ascertain whether my application documents are received by the Academy?

After you finish online registration, you may log in the website www.xiamenacademy.org to keep track of your application status. When application materials reach the Academy, the registration status will be shown as “Your online registration has been submitted”

In what language shall I submit the on-line registration?

For applicants from outside Mainland China (including HKSAR, Macau SAR and Chinese Taipei), English version of registration form is provided. For applicants from Mainland China, registration in Chinese is preferable.

I was accepted by the program last year, but was not able to attend due to some reasons. If I want to apply for the program this year, am I expected to send docs again?

Yes, you have to resubmit the application and other documents this year.