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The Second Academic Salon of Summer Program 2019

Release Time: 2019-07-26      Browse:490

The second academic salon of the summer program was held successfully on July 22th. 7 presenters have shared their academic research and interchanged their incisive ideas about various issues of international law with the other students. Judge Yusuf and Prof. Zeng presented as guests for the salon.

At the very beginning, Syed Ali Akhtar started with the question: Do Sanctions Violate International Law? His presentation gave the audience an insight into the topic by analyzing several cases of different types of sanctions and the pattern of different countries’actions. His final conclusion is that sanctions in certain circumstances do violate international law and attract international responsibility, and that it has raised attention from all walks of life.

Fan Xiaolu then gave a presentation on the topic Settling Disputes in the Grey Areas of International Law and the Concept of Opposability. she displayed the definition of the “grey areas” and brought the judicial functions of the court into focus. She also introduced the concept of opposability by looking into the historical side of the matter and referring to a number of applications.

Misha Rehman shared her insight about the legal implication of One Belt One road Initiative and the settlement of the disputes with several brief introductions and analysis of the investment and financial issues, including the types of disputes, recognition and the enforcement. She inferred that the dispute settlement mechanism should lessen the course and be more efficient.

Xiang Mengjie presented the concept of “common concern of humankind” and the protection of atmosphere. She introduced thoroughly from the historical background to the relevant treaty regimes, and delivered a combination of both practical and theoretical implications.

Following the four presentations is a 10-minute Q&A section, during which the audience remarked on the presentations and raised their questions about the marrow of each topic with excellent eloquence. Whether it should be solved by international law or domestic law when sanctions violate the regulations, is one of the key discussions in this section.

After the Q&A section, Gu Chunxiang introduced the international labour standard and pointed out the relations between it and international trade, as well as the emerging issues. Analysis about the functions of different organizations and relevant rules were presented as references, before the presentation was closed off by her incisive personal view.

Mu Wei delivered a comparative analysis focusing on protection scheme,he drew out the introduction of this matter with a series of questions, and looked into the data protection scheme from a historical perspective, leading to the controversies and the route to reach a consensus.

The last speaker, Wan Yanlin, started his presentation about the importation of WTO general exceptions into international investment agreement with a case that embodies the conflicting interests, and concluded about correlative factors of the impact of general exceptions on host state regulation and the circumstances.

During the second Q&A section, the participants also took up fervent discussion about the theory of Prof. Murase’s theory, who’s also a guest professor of the summer program. After all the discussions, Judge Yusuf appreciated the students’ insight and their profound understanding of the international issues. Penetrating comments on presentations were also included in his speech.Prof. Zeng thanked Judge Yusuf for his attendance. Also, he expressed his gratification to the students’ excellent performances and wished their study inthe next few days a great success. 

Report by Jiang Zhouyu