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1. Once you are admitted to the Summer Program and you need a Chinese visa, you should contact the Chinese consular authorities in your country and start your visa application process as soon as possible.

Website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the addresses of consular offices:

2. If possible, you may apply for a Tourist Visa (L-Visa), since it’s the most convenient and time-saving.

Where a Tourist Visa is not possible, you should apply for a Business Visa (F-visa), which is issued to those who intend to stay in China for less than 6 months.

You should NOT apply for a Student Visa (X-visa), since it is generally issued to applicants who intend to study in China for more than 6 months.

3. For the application of Business Visa (F-visa), the Admission Notice issued by Xiamen Academy of International Law could be regarded as an invitation letter, which is usually required by the Consulate.

4. For the application of Business Visa (F-visa), where a Visa Notification Form by an authorized unit is further required by the Consulate, please fill out the application form attached below, and send it to Usually it takes 7-10 days to get the Visa Notification Form from the authorized unit, which will then be sent to you by fax, email or post. (Some Consulates accept faxed or scanned documents, so please check with each Consulate and indicate to us whether you need the original Visa Notification Form.)

5. Xiamen Academy of International Law does NOT take any responsibility for the loss or damage of documents sent to it or returned by postal or courier services.