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Registration Day of 2024 Summer Program

Release Time: 2024-07-07      Browse:25

The registration of the Xiamen Academy of International Law Summer Program 2024 was held on July 7th, 2024 from 2:30 pm to 6 pm. The registration team consisted of 10 volunteers who were responsible for identifying participants and logistics claiming points.

The registration process was tailored to suit the various participants of the program including international foreign participants, Chinese participants and enrolled students from Xiamen University. The registration process included sign-ups for the class committee and to perform at the academy party to ensure that participants actively take part in the events of the academy. 


With specific processes for the various classifications, rigorous checks were conducted and necessary documents signed for the effective registration of the participants. With an expectation of around 120 attendees,  100 of them showed up for registration.


The success of the registration process reflected in the turnout of participants for the welcome party at the forecourt of the Law school. The event ended with a warm reminder to the participants of the starting time for the opening ceremony which was to come off the following day at the Millennium Hotel.



 Reported by Yu Fenghua

Photo by Yu Fenghua