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The 17th Summer Programme (2024)

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Xiamen Academy of International Law

The 17th Summer Programme

8-19 July 2024

Xiamen, China

Xiamen Academy of International Law (Xiamen Academy), located in the beautiful seaside city of Xiamen, China, was established in April 2005. That following July, the first meeting of the Curatorium was convened at the Peace Palace, The Hague. 

Xiamen Academy aims to provide the highest level of legal education to individuals interested in the development and application of international law, including university students, young lecturers, diplomats, practitioners of law, government officials in charge of foreign affairs, and officials from international organizations. The mission of the Academy is to promote academic exchange among legal communities across the globe, to encourage open discourse related to contemporary and traditional international issues, and in doing so, to facilitate realization of the fundamental tenets of international law, and to promote international peace and cooperation through an improved understanding of international law. 

The courses are delivered in English, and the programme has been designed to be both scholarly and practical. The courses, distinctive from educational programmes offered by national schools and universities, are targeted at those who are already familiar with international law and whose professional interests and intellectual curiosity drive them to pursue enhanced professional development in this field. 

Xiamen Academy has successfully convened and hosted sixteen summer programmes(since 2006), featuring more than ninety world-renowned professors, ICJ judges and experts from around the world. Over one thousand participants from some forty countries and regions have joined the summer programmes in Xiamen, contributing with enthusiasm and dedication, and leaving with lasting positive impressions. Our Academy alumni testimonials highlight an appreciation not only for the cutting-edge knowledge of international law they have gained, but also the happy memories and new relationships that they made during their time in Xiamen. 

Xiamen Academy is pleased to announce that the 17th Summer Programme will be convened in Xiamen from 8-19 July 2024. Keeping with tradition, this session will include lectures by leading international legal experts and address core issues in international law. We look forward to welcoming you!

For the full text, please seeBrochure-The 17th Summer Programme (2024).pdf