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Night Party of 2023 Summer Program

Release Time: 2023-07-14      Browse:218

The party of the Xiamen Academy of International Law Summer program 2023 was held on July 11, 2023 from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in Xiamen Millennium Harbourview Hotel. Professors, international and Chinese participants as well as enrolled students from Xiamen University participated in the party together.

Hong Xinyao, lawyer from Fujian Junshou Law Frim, performed guitar playing and singing. Her pleasant singing sound attracted everyone.


Liu Xueqi, lawyer from Anjie Broad Law Frim, danced Mongolian dance. The dance showed us the charm of the minority nationality’s dance.

The band sang two popular songs in China, the atmosphere in the room was more enthusiastic.

Shen Jiale, undergraduate from Xiamen University, sang the song Wildest Dreams. His singing sound let us be infatuated within the wonderful music.

Chen Meiwen, lawyer from Fujian Beiying Law Frim sang a Cantonese song to thank for the opportunity to meet here.

The next item in the party is pipa solo, the player is Wang Yuxin. The sound of the pipa relaxed and healed every participant.

Su Chaoyi, lawyer from Fujian Huide(Xiamen) Law Frim, performed a bamboo flute solo, let us feel the charm of traditional Chinese instruments. After that, he sang a song in Southern Fujian dialect about Xiamen, to welcome everyone to Xiamen to feel the charm of Xiamen.

At the end of the night party, participants sang songs in different languages and danced together. 

Finally, everyone took a group photo. Everyone involved in the party enjoyed it and had a good time.