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The Opening Ceremony of the 2023 Summer Program

Release Time: 2023-07-04      Browse:325

On July 3, 2023, the opening ceremony of the 2023 Xiamen Academy of International Law commenced at 8:30 am. A joyful group photo session at Xiamen Millennium Harbourview Hotel marked the occasion with 102 participants and 7 professors. After the photo session followed the opening remarks and welcome speeches.

Prof. CHEN Huiping, Secretary-General, the Administrative Council of Xiamen Academy of International Law, made the opening remark as she warmly welcomed all the guests.

Prof. ZENG Huaqun, Co-President of Xiamen Academy of International Law then offered the first welcome speech , in which he welcomed all participants and professors who attend this summer program on-site and also expressed great appreciation for his colleagues’ and student volunteers’ efforts with the organizational work. He then acknowledged great support received from the international law society more broadly. He explained three main reasons why the academy is one of the leading academies in the field of international law: promising scholars, excellent participants and favorable location of this program. Highlighting the success of the Academy, Prof. ZENG encouraged all participants to focus on the following courses and also enjoy the life in Xiamen.

The second welcome speaker was Vice Dean of Xiamen University School of Law, Prof. ZHU Xiaoqin. After a warm welcome, she gave an overview of the courses of Law School of Xiamen University as well as the OECD program and encouraged participants to apply for the Law School. She then ended speech with a heartly wish for this Summer Program to be a success.

The moderator Prof. CHEN Huiping then went on to invite distinguished guests to give their speeches. Prof. Ben SAUL, Challis Chair of International Law, University of Sydney. He first introduced his close relationship with China and recent development of University of Sydney. Then he spoke highly of Xiamen Academy and its achievements. Next, Prof. Ben SAUL expressed his concern about global challenges such as inequality, lack of development, artificial intelligence and increasing geopolitical competition. He believes that peaceful dispute settlement could be achieved with proper use of international law. In the end, he encouraged participants to pursue their interests and careers in international law.

Prof. Yun ZHAO, Henry Cheng Professor in International Law and Head of Department of Law, University of Hong Kong, also mentioned his relation with Xiamen university law school and used four words starting with “i” to summarize the important function taken up by Xiamen Academy of International Law: internationalisation, innovation and interdisciplinarity and impact. He briefly introduced his future lectures about space law and specific issues, ending up his speech with a warm greeting.

At 9:15 am, as the ending of first session of engagements, Prof. CHEN Huiping presented the work report by the Administrative Council of Xiamen Academy. She began by highlighting the efforts and achievements of Xiamen Academy in the last 18 years to offer a high-quality educational experience in international law. She emphasized the purpose of the Academy to build scholars all around the world and contribute to the development of international law. The Secretary-General highlighted Academy’s endeavor to establish academic relations with international organizations or prestigious law schools, including the United Nations and the International Court of Justice. Bringing a deeper understanding to the focus of the Academy, she specially mentioned that the Academy had provided participants in need with scholarships and financial support to help them attend this Program. Further, she appreciated strong support received from prominent institutions and the Chinese government. Prof. CHEN said that she was proud of participants from all around the world. The opening ceremony ended in a warm atmosphere.