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Judge Shi Jiuyong is Awarded as a Contributor to China’s Reform and Opening-up

Release Time: 2018-12-05      Browse:443

As part of the celebration events for the 40thanniversary of reform and opening-up, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has initially selected 100 people to be awarded for their contributions to the country's reform and opening-up.

The award candidates come from a wide range of professions, including scientists, economists, grass-roots Party cadres, model workers, state firm managers, and private entrepreneurs. The awarding office, under the Party central authorities, said the candidates were chosen based on local recommendations and had gone through several rounds of review.

Judge Shi Jiuyong, President of the Curatorium of the Xiamen Academy of International Law (2005--), has also been chosen as one of the candidates in recognition of his contribution to China’s diplomacy and international law. During his time serving as a Legal Adviser (1980-1993) to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he had made considerable contribution to safeguarding state sovereignty, security, development and international justice. He participated in the China-UK negotiation on the issues of Hong Kong and was involved in the drafting process of an innovative legal framework which facilitated China’s resuming the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong. He was Judge (1994-2010), Vice-President (2000-2003), President (2003-2006) of the International Court of Justice. Previously, he was member (1987-1993), Chairman (1990) of the International Law Commission, U.N. His high integrity, diligence, and knowledge in international law has earned him praises from his peers. At the age of 90, he is still working in the area of international law as a Legal Adviser of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Professor at universities and the Leader of the Xiamen Academy of International Law.