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I’ve never been to Xiamen. Where can I get access to an overview of this city?

To acquire an overview of Xiamen (such as population, natural and geography, cultural life, history, touring, cuisine and etc.), please visit the website: http://english.xm.gov.cn/xiamenoverview/. 

What is the currency used in Xiamen?

In Xiamen, the official currency is Renminbi (RMB). The basic unit is Yuan. Foreign currency can be exchanged into RMB at various banks. For the most up-to-date currency rate, please log into http://www.bank-of-china.com/en/static/index.html.

Can I use credit cards in Xiamen?

Credit cards are gaining acceptance in Xiamen. Useful cards include Visa, Master Card and American Express. They can be used in most mid-range to high-end hotels (three-star and up), as well as some department stores. It’s recommendable to check the category and limits of your cards with the hotel or store prior to usage.

Do I need to bring the electricity adapters?

The electrical current in China is 220 volts, and sockets with adapters are available in the washrooms of some luxury hotels.

What is the climate like in Xiamen during the summer?

Xiamen has a subtropical climate. It is generally mild and temperate, with abundant rainwater from May to August. The average temperature in July is about 28℃-32℃. For the weather forecast, please visit the website http://weather.yahoo.com/forecast/CHXX0140_f.html