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On what criteria the scholarship is awarded?

Generally, the scholarship is awarded based on academic ability. For applicants from mainland China, financial situation of the applicant will also be considered. The decision of awarding scholarship is made by the end of April and will inform the applicant together with the admission result. Scholarship is limited, thus it is advised that documents be sent as early as possible.

I am a researcher / lawyer. Am I eligible to apply for the scholarship?


I was awarded A type scholarship last year but was not able to attend the program due to some reasons. If I apply this year, will I still enjoy A type scholarship?

The award of scholarship is valid only for that year and cannot be extended.

What are the supporting documents for the scholarship application?

It is necessary to send a letter specifying reasons for applying scholarship together with your application documents. For applicants from Mainland China, it is advised to enclose a statement of financial conditions (e.g. 由居委会或所在学校提供的家庭贫困证明).