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Academic Salon of 2018 Program

Release Time: 2018-07-22      Browse:185

The academic salon of the 2018 Summer Program was held in the Harborview Millennium Hotel onthe July 19th, right in the middle of the program. A total of 7 students from different countries made their presentations about the legal system of their own countries from difference angles, which showed that presenters from different legal system often had different views.

The second presenter Megan Jane Ferguson, the forth presenter He Zhaoming and the last presenter Imtiaz Ahmed Sajal are all based on Common Law system. Megan JaneFerguson from America, delivered a fluent speech based on the application of international law with the theme of <American domestic application of international law >. Her sense of humor lighted the atmosphere up. The forth presenter He Zhaoming from China shared his understanding of <The legal system in Hong Kong and its customary law>. And Imtiaz AhmedSajal  from Bangladesh introduced the legal system of his country on the topic <A Brief Introduction to the Legal System of Bangladesh and Bangladesh’s Approach to International law>.

Meanwhile, some presenters from Civil Law countries shared their views. Paola Diana Reyes Parra from Peru addressed her hometown legal system on the topic <Peru and international law> as the first presenter. Then, a Chinese student from Wuhan University, Liu Zhen delivered an introduction on the topic on <The variation of China’s position towards international law>, in which told the change on China’s position during the past few decades. And The sixth presenter from Ukraine, Oleksandra Danylchenko, shared her view about the cooperation between Ukraineand and China: <The general characteristic of Ukraine China international legal cooperation>.

Besides, The fifth presenter Siddharth Chittal from India gave a speech with the theme of <Brief History ofcourts and Justice System in India >.

All presenters prepared a lot for their speeches and shared their unique views with the audience. The academic salon embodied the spirit of academic freedom and international friendship through the exhibition of critical thinking and in-depth communication. This year’s salon was well-concluded in this kind of relaxed and amicable atmosphere.

Report by Liu Shaojie