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Prof. Antonios In a Volunteer's Eyes

Release Time: 2017-07-24      Browse:309

Mr. Antonios is associate professor of Public International Law at the University of Oxford, Fellow of St Anne’s College, as well as the Secretary-General of the International Law Association and the Joint Secretary of its British Branch. He has good command of five languages and achieves a great success in International Law at a relatively young age.

I was nervous and flurried when I first met with Professor Antonios in the hotel, because I thought as a scholar, he might be serious and complacent. But when I shaked his hand and sent him the present prepared before, the warm and kind expression of his really eased me down. His humor and gentleness made all the conversations cheerful and relaxing.


Prof. Antonios’ lectures are mainly regarding domestic court and international law. And the lecture caught our eyes from the first sight, as he did not just stand and talk at the front stage, instead he would walk down and lectured among us, with no PowerPoint slides. The contents are very logical and well-organized, and loaded with laughter all the time because of his vivid gesture and interesting examples. As a Chinese student who was not accustomed to all-English lectures, I still found it easy to catch his point.

It was regretful that Prof. Antonios had to leave after 7 days in Xiamen, and I didn’t get the chance to further communicate with him. But his great qualities and spirits would keep motivating me, and I will cherish this wonderful experience

                                         Report by Huang Yuzhe, Photo by Zhong-Ding-Wen Studio