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Volunteer's Impression of Prof. Carlos

Release Time: 2016-07-15      Browse:220

It was a Sunday (July 10th, 2016) when I first met Prof. Carlos Esplugues at the airport. In a casual shirt, he went out of the luggage area and waved to us with a warm and kind smile. Teaching at the University of Valencia, he is a leading scholar in Private International Law and International Trade Law. His authority in these subject areas made me somehow worry that we can’t find a topic to chat with. Such gesture of Prof. Carlos, however, gave me a feeling that he would be very easy and pleasant to get along with.

My first impression turns out to be absolutely true, as Prof. Carlos likes to communicate with us volunteers and shows great interest in China. He’s very talkative and wants to know all kinds of things such as the culture of temples, the feature of Chinese buildings especially those traditional ones, the dining habits and so on. What’s more, Prof. Carlos is so humorous and very good at telling jokes which I think is really funny.

At the same time, he is so nice that he always expresses his thanks to our volunteers, though we repeatedly tell him that it’s just the work we are supposed to do. One morning when I went to the hotel to pick him up before the scheduled time, he happened to just finish his breakfast and saw me. He thought I had been waiting for him for quite a while, so he rushed to get his clothes and bag to meet with me and apologized for his being late. Of course I explained it was just because I was being a little earlier.

During the lectures, Prof. Carlos is so confident and the class is well-organized. I notice that his PPT slides are filled with the most up-to-date data and the latest news. He also comes to the students’ salon though he could choose otherwise and pays careful attentions to each presentation as well as makes remarkable comments.

It’s really a great honor for me to have a chance to accompany Prof. Carlos. So wonderful of the experience that I’ll treasure it very much.

Report by Jin Tingfeng, Photo by Zhong-Ding-Wen Studio