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The Second Salon of 2016 Program

Release Time: 2016-07-13      Browse:327

The second academic salon of 2016 Summer Program was held in the Center of Science and art, Xiamen University on the 12th of July. There are also 8 presenters this time,but the theme and hostesses different from the first one.

Under the guidance of hostess Yilin, Philip from the Netherlands gave out the first speech about Reflections on State Responsibility based on Public International law & Dutch law through the case of Srebrenica. The next presenter, Nikhil from India, offered an overview of Indian model BIT. Using two ICJ cases as a start, the third presenter Leifan from China analyzed the conflicts of judgments between national Constitutional Courts and ICJ, and proposed a possible reconciliation. The Sri Lankan gentleman Udara addressed on the topic that a critical evaluation of Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment(TEIA) could be a tool of protection of Sri Lankan Marine Environment. During his speech, he listed many International treaties and decisions to prove his point. Both of Leifan an Udara’s topic provoked a heated discussion in the following 15 minutes Q&A session.

The second half started with Yijun from China. She delivered a brief but clear talk about Evidence Issue before ICJ. Then Arindrajit from India and Foysal from Bangladesh made their presentations on armed conflict in the age of transnational terrorism and Transnational Justice in South Asia, respectively. Finally, Zizhao from China, in an emotional way, talked about Refugee crisis in Turkey by interspersing with the reality what he had seen and heard.

Compared to the first academic saloon, this second one aimed more to provide a platform for summer program participants to carry out further discussions of various issues regarding International Law, and it really made it. Prof. Carlos for the second week’s lectures has joined the whole sessions, and interacted immensely with presenters and the audience during Q&A. It’s obvious that every participant could benefit a lot from such academic exchange and discussion - the warm applause at the end is a sufficient proof.

Report by LIN Jiaying, Photo by Zhong-Ding-Wen Studio