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The Resume of the Summer Programme of Xiamen Academy of International Law

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After two-year suspension of the summer programme due to the pandemic of COVID-19, Xiamen Academy of International Law (Xiamen Academy) resumed its summer progrmme in 2022. The 15th Summer Programme is held from July 4th to 15th, 2022 at the Classroom of B138, Xiamen University School of Law. Five lecturers are invited to teach at this summer programme including Prof. Jiefang HUANG from Wuhan University, who is former Director of Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization; Prof. Jingxia SHI from Renmin University of China; Prof. Qingjiang KONG from China University of Political Science and Law; Dr. Deming ZHAO andDr. Xin ZHANG from Global Law Office. This programme attracted about 150 participants, who are from China, India, Uganda, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Nepal. The lectures are offered both online and offline.

The opening ceremony was held on July 4th. The ceremony was presided by Prof.  Huiping CHEN, Secretary-General, the Administrative Council of Xiamen Academy. Prof. Huaqun ZENG, the Co-President of Xiamen Academy, Prof. Xiaoqin ZHU, the Vice Dean of Xiamen University School of Law, and Prof. Jiefang HUANG, Prof.  Jingxia SHI, Prof. Qingjiang KONG and Dr. Deming ZHAO attended the opening ceremony and addressed speeches.

Prof. Huaqun ZENG and Prof. Xiaoqin ZHU gave the welcome speeches. Prof. ZENG expressed his warm welcome to the attendees and his gratitude to the distinguished guests. He deeply cherished the memories of Judge Jiuyong SHI, former President of ICJ and the first Chairman of the Curatorium of Xiamen Academy, and extended great respect and gratitude for Judge SHI’s historic contribution to the establishment and development of Xiamen Academy. He also indicated that Xiamen Academy had developed its tradition in “international”, “inclusive” and “innovative” aspects. Prof. ZHU expressed her heartfelt welcome to all professors and attendees, and introduced several international programs of Xiamen University School of Law. She hoped that more international students would join the law school in the future.

Later, as the distinguished guests of the opening ceremony, Prof. Jiefang HUANG, Prof. Jingxia SHI, Prof. Qingjiang KONG and Dr. Deming ZHAO delivered speeches. As an expert who has worked in International Civil Aviation Organization (a UN Specialized Agency) for 25 years, Prof. HUANG expressed his views on the status and role of international law. Prof. SHI briefly introduced the contents of her lectures entitled “ International Law on Trade in Services ” and its significance. Prof. KONG said that The Xiamen Academy of International Law has excelled to be a world-famous institution to promote international law, and he is very honored to attend this year's programme as a guest speaker. Dr. ZHAO said that he would teach economic sanctions and counter measures in international law and encouraged students to participate in the discussion.

FinallyProf. Huiping CHEN presented a brief working report on behalf of the Administrative Council of the Academy. Prof. CHEN outlined the history and development of Xiamen Academy. She said it was very good that we are here again after two-year suspension due to the pandemic, and we also try to adapt to the new model of online teaching. The opening ceremony was successfully concluded, and professors and students took group photos to record this precious moment.

In the following week, Prof. Jingxia SHI, Prof. Jiefang HUANG and Prof.  Qingjiang KONG gave lectures to students. Prof. SHI brought excellent online lectures entitled “ International Law on Trade in Services ”, she introduced the main characteristics of GATS and its core provisions, and some GATS-related WTO cases, including U.S. - Gambling, China - Publications. With the topic of “ Introduction to International Aviation Law ”, Prof. HUANG explained the principles in the field of aviation law, the structure of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and several important international civil aviation conventions. Under the title of “ ISDS Reform and China’s Position and Options ”, Prof. KONG outlined a conceptual framework and reform of ISDS and China’s international dispute settlement practices.

In the mornings of the second week, Dr. Xin ZHANG , and Dr. Deming ZHAO gave online lectures respectively. Dr. ZHANG brought excellent online lectures entitled “ The Legal Issues in the Financing for Overseas Trade and Investment of Chinese Companies ”. He discussed the legal theory and practice of Chinese enterprises using debt financing in overseas trade and investment activities. Dr. ZHAO began by introducing economic sanctions against Russia with the topic of “ Economic Sanctions and Counter Measures: Theories and Practices ”. He introduced the latest theoretical developments and legal practices in the field of international economic sanctions and counter-sanctions.

       In the afternoons of the second week, Prof. Huaqun ZENG, Prof. Huiping CHEN, Dr. Yu SU and Dr. Xiaoou ZHENG delivered lectures on seminar of international law. In the lecture entitled “ Innovation in the International Discourse System of International Law ”, Prof. ZENG introduced the concepts, characteristics and innovative paths of the international discourse system of international law. In the lecture entitled “ Human Right to Water in International Investment Arbitration ”, Prof. CHEN introduced the evolution of the human right to water, the attitude of international investment arbitration tribunals to the host country's defense of the human right to water, and the role of amicus curiae in the arbitration proceedings.

Dr. SU introduced the role of multinational technology companies in international technology standardization with the topic of “ The Role of Multinational Tech Companies in International Technical Standardization and Its Implications for (International) Law ”, and discussed the impact of such international technology standardization on international law and China with the case study of technology enterprises and 5G standardization. Dr. Zheng introduced the environmental provisions in IIAs under the topic “ Environmental Dimensions of International Investment Law ”. She described the synergies and conflicts of environmental protection in international investment agreements, and used China as an example to introduce China's laws, regulations, and policy frameworks for promoting investment and environmental protection.

       The closing ceremony was held on July 15th,  which was presided by Prof. Huiping CHEN. The closing ceremony was divided into three parts, first of all,  Prof. Huaqun ZENG,  Dr. Xin ZHANGDr. Deming ZHAO,  and Dr. Yu SU spoke separately. After that, some participants and student volunteers from online and offline mades speeches to express their thanks and harvest in the summer program. Finally, Prof.ZENG presented outstanding student certificates to the outstanding students, and Dr. SU awarded the outstanding volunteer certificate to outstanding volunteers.

 Students offline and online actively interacted with teachers in class, asked questions on various topics, and the teachers answered those questions.All the students benefited a lot from the excellent lectures by the teachers during the weeks.

Report by Nan CAI, Jianjian MO