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Dr. Yu SU

Yu SU is Assistant Professor of International Law at the School of Law of Xiamen University, and affiliate of the International Water Law Academy (IWLA). He is also a member of the Chinese International Water Law research group at the School of Law, Xiamen University. At the School of Law, Xiamen University, he is currently conducting teaching and research on public international law, with a specific focus on the theories of international lawmaking, the law of international watercourses and China’s transboundary waters. His most recent research interests have revolved around the communicative dimension in international law and its influence on (re)conceptualizing actors, norms and legal processes. His publications include: ‘Evolving Normativity in Contemporary International Water Law: A Communicative Approach to the Growing Role of Non-State Actors’, (2020) 29 Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law (forthcoming); 'China’s International Water Relations' in Stephen C. McCaffrey, C. Leb and T.Denoon R (eds), Research Handbook on International Water Law (Edward Elgar Publishing Limited 2019); 'Contemporary Legal Analysis of China’s Transboundary Water Regimes: International Law in Practice' (2014) 39 Water International 705.